What to keep in mind on your first date?

First date

It’s totally exciting to meet a new person, and go on a date. With the Date comes the nervousness. It is part of this package. What to do, and how to do? There are questions in your mind, and it can get confusing. The first advice in that situation is to be yourself. This will make your journey a little easier. Apart from that, there are certain do’s and don’ts that you have to follow to make sure that you enjoy your date.

Speak up:

Speaking is part of the deal, and it can help you in determining various choices. If your date asks you what you’d like to eat, don’t just say “I don’t care”. Tell them what you think. It would be bad if you are both sitting on a table, and all ready to order, you tell them that you don’t like Sushi. You should tell them in the beginning. Both of you have choices, and if you speak up, only then you will be able t find out what suits you the best.

Speak up

Show up on time:

It’s a bad etiquette that you show up late. That means you kept your date waiting. This is a no go. Make sure that you prepare early, and show up on time. You should consider being early. It is a good gesture.

DON’T Drink Too Much:

Drinking helps to ease the tension, and open up. You throw an interesting conversation, keep in mind that having to carry home by your date, is bad for a date. It’s even worse for a normal night too. So, you can drink a cocktail or two, but don’t exceed your limits.

Get off your phone:

Your date is not to meet your phone, so the habit of checking your phone every two minutes is a bad habit. Your social media feeds can wait. It’s rude to have a conversation with a person who is constantly checking your phone.


DO Ask Questions:

The secret of a flowing conversation is the fact that you ask questions. It will keep the conversation flowing. Don’t sound so pushy. If they are talking, listen carefully, and make sure to ask questions to prove that you are listening, and interested.

DO Offer to Pay:

Be prepared to either split or pay the bill. The best way to do it is to reach for the check when it comes. If your date wants to contribute or pay, offer to split the bill. If your date wins, the lest you can do is to leave the tip.

Don’t stalk:

If you had a good time, text your date later that night, but the only thing that you have to keep in mind is not to stalk her. For a start, don’t like their Instagram photos.

Don’t stalk


No matter how much trouble you have gone through during the day when you are trying to know someone, be positive. It will make you more fun.


There are certain things that you have to keep in mind, but above all, don’t forget to have fun, because that’s the only purpose of life.

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