Do’s and don’ts of dating


There are no set of rules that you should follow, but surely there are tips that you should use to help you in your experience. Everything has its constraints, and you have to keep these limitations in mind. Though dating is a natural thing, if you are good with the etiquettes, then nothing should stop you., Furthermore, nervousness takes your mind off the things.

DO Turn up on time:

This is a no-go. You should always show up on time. Imagine, if you are late, you have left your date in a restaurant or a Bar while they are feeling self-conscious about everyone watching them sitting alone. Prepare on time, and show up early.

Don’t talk about how great you are:

Everybody has stories to tell, but they should not come as self-glorification. This is off-putting.  Your date does not want to hear about it. Just be patient, and make sure that you are giving them enough time to talk. There will be plenty of time to talk about yourself.

dating constraints

DO be interested:

There is a lot you wouldn’t know about your date. You will find a lot that you didn’t know. You should keep on things in mind that even if you are not interested, you must acknowledge the effort they made to tell you. Show that you are interested in whatever they are telling you.

Don’t keep checking your phone:

We are all hooked up on our phones, but when you are on a date, give it a rest. If you check your phone, again and again, it will show a lack of interest to them and the conversation. Your phone is not important to the person sitting next to you, you are.

Listen more:

Listening is the beginning of a relationship. You must show interest in the conversation. Speak less, and listen more. You will have enough time to express yourself once the conversation develops.

Don’t be under-dressed:

This is important. Your date will appreciate the effort you made, and if they haven’t made such an effort, then they will make sure to aim for the next time.


DO ask more questions:

If you want the other person to know that you are listening, you should show it. Listen, understand, and ask more questions to prove that you are listening.

Don’t try and be perfect:

Everybody has their flaws. We are all full of mistakes so make sure that you don’t sound one. Every relationship is built on imperfections. If your date isn’t impressed by your perfections, they will be impressed by your imperfections.

Eye contact:

You don’t need to stare, but you shouldn’t evade either. Proper eye contact can develop a connection. The more you look away, the dishonest you will seem.

Eye contact

Past relationships:

You can mention it, but don’t spend too much time elaborating on it. Concentrate on your date. Nobody wants to hear about how great your life was with your ex.


There are certain etiquettes that you have to follow in dating. There is no win or loss in it, but if you follow some basic rules, you will not come as impolite.

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